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The innovative experiences presented in EVALtrends 2011 should be related with the topic "Learning by assessing at university level: innovative experiences". They are going to be structured around the following central themes:

  • Learning through assessment
  • Systematization of assessment
  • Assessment in a digital era

The abstracts should be submitted through ConfTool, in the tab named abstract.

The abstract, written in Spanish or English, must contain a maximum of 500 words, in which a summary of the experience and its implications should be presented, following IMRYD format (Introduction, Methodology, Results and conclusions/Discussion):

  • Introduction: It should include the main objective of the experience, highlighting its innovative aspects.
  • Methodology. It will describe how was the experience implemented, presenting the design, sample, process, techniques and methods used)
  • Results: Presentation of main findings and products/outcomes.
  • Discussion: Description of the main conclusions obtained in results, including the experience's implications and prospective.

To express the main concepts and contents, the abstract should include 5 to 8 key words internationally accepted and related with the topic assessment for learning at university (consult Thesaurus de ERIC).

Abstracts must be submitted before 10th December 2010. Abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee by the peer-review method. Authors that appear in first place will be informed before 22th December 2010 whether the proposal has been accepted. The acceptance of the abstract does not involve the acceptance of the paper.