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EVALtrends 2011 Conference is structured in workshops and Key-Conferences.


EVALtrends 2011 Conference is composed of three workshops to debate and discuss selected experiences. Rather than the communication of the papers, there will be an interactive global discussion between all the participants of the workshop about the selected innovative experience in each workshop.

Discussion will be organized around key topics in each workshop, with the aim of offering some conclusions about how to face the challenges and to be useful for all the university community. 
There will be a chair and a secretary in each workshop. The chair will coordinate and lead the discussion whereas the secretary will gather the proposals, information and conclusions reached during the discussion of the proposals presented in the workshop.

Workshops are structured around the following central themes:

  • Learning through assessment

Experiences and practices that are focused on feedback and feedforward given to students, learning self-regulation, participation of students in the assessment process, authentic assessment tasks.

  • Systematization of assessment

Experiences and practices about assessment procedures, criteria, methods and tools.

  • Assessment in a digital era

Experiences and practices focused on the use of ICT to assess or suport the assessment of students learning.

Spanish is the official language of the workshops.

Key Conferences

 EVALtrends 2011 International Conference will count with the following key speakers:

David Boud -University of Technology Sydney (Australia)

David Carless - University of Hong Kong (China)

David Nicol - University of Strathclyde (Glasgow. United Kingdom)

Gregorio Rodríguez Gómez - Universidad de Cádiz (Spain) y Eduardo García Jiménez - Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

The key conferences are going to be simulataneously translated from English to Spanish.